Champions by the Pyramids

Few sports can offer a backdrop to compare with the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and what better place to be crowned a Champion, even better a World Champion …

The Al Ahram Championship was been staged in Giza several times at the turn of last century, the Men’s World Champs held there in 2006, and it was 2016 when squash was last played alongside the Pyramids.

Here’s a few memories of previous events and Champions …

Year Event Men's Final Women's Final
2016 Al Ahram Karim Abdel Gawad 3-0 Ali Farag Raneem El Welily 3-2 Nour El Sherbini
2006 World Open David Palmer 3-2 Gregory Gaultier
2001 Al Ahram Peter Nicol 3-0 Jonathon Power Sarah Fitz-Gerald 3-1 Cassie Campion
2000 Al Ahram Peter Nicol 3-1 Ahmed Barada Leilani Joyce 3-1 Carol Owens
1998 Al Ahram Ahmed Barada 3-2 Martin Heath Michelle Martin 3-0 Cassie Jackman
1997 Al Ahram Peter Nicol 3-1 Jansher Khan Sarah Fitz-Gerald 3-0 Michelle Martin
1996 Al Ahram Jansher Khan 3-0 Ahmed Barada